Leather Care

With proper wear and care, your Ninth House Collection pieces can adorn you for years to come.

Avoid Water (and all other liquids)

Leather is permeable and cannot be waterproofed. Water can cause leather to become misshapen, dry out, stiffen, rot, and can ruin color stains. I use a water-resistant acrylic seal and wax conditioner on the products I hand finish to help repel water, but it is not waterproof. If your item gets wet, gently soak up the water with a dry soft cloth as soon as possible and dry naturally at room temperature. Apply a leather conditioner if needed.

Some dye from hand-stained leather accessories may transfer, particularly if the item gets damp or wet.


Do not keep your leather goods in sunlight for prolonged periods of time - they may dry out, crack, and become discolored. Store out of direct sunlight. A muslin bag is included with your order so you can safely store your leather accessories when not being worn. Leather jewelry should be removed when sleeping.


A well-loved leather accessory may show signs of wear over time like marks, scratches, and dirt, adding character to the item and making it even more unique! Subtle marks can sometimes be buffed out with a soft cloth. Leather buffing cloths are ideal for cleaning, polishing, and buffing leather jewelry.


Like all skin, your leather product may need some hydration over time. Use a leather conditioner (I recommend Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner) and buff with a soft cloth to restore your piece back to it's original luster.


See the Jewelry Care Guide for more information.