I use premium European vegetable-tanned leather in most of Ninth House Collection's custom leather goods.  I've worked with different types of leather, and European veg-tanned is my favorite to tool and stain.  It has a lovely flexible, soft texture.  Occasionally, I purchase a small lot of finished leather that may be used in some jewelry or clutches.

Vegetable tanning is an old-world, environmentally friendly method of tanning leather.  The technique utilizes natural, plant-based tannic acids from matter such as tree barks, leaves, and fruits.  This traditional tanning process produces a durable leather with natural, warm tones.  

Veg-tanned leather is full-grain, meaning that the top surface has not been sanded and treated to remove the natural irregularities for a more uniform appearance.  This leather without the top layer is called top-grain and is often what you see in mass-produced products, but it is less durable than full-grain leather.  Full-grain leathers are the strongest, age like fine wine, and produce items with unique characteristics.


​A mixture of vintage deadstock (old, but previously unused), antique, and new components adorn Ninth House Collection's leather products.  I believe in having a variety of styles, options, and prices that appeal to each customer's individual style and wallet.  Hunting for new pieces to incorporate into the collection is one of my favorite parts of this endeavor.