ninth-house-collection-about-designer.jpgHi, I'm Adrienne and I've been a maker since I could hold a crayon. Growing up on a cattle ranch in rural Central Texas, I had lots of time to pursue creative endeavors and spent my early years drawing, writing, and making mud pies. Art has always had a place in my life, even when I went to college (Hook 'em Horns!) and began a career in advertising before Mad Men made it cool for everyone else. Painting was my side-hustle and a much better way to cope with work stress than alcoholism and illicit affairs à la Don Draper.

My journey into leather crafting began by accident. I started making my own leather jewelry as a hobby in 2009. While shopping one day, I spotted some leather bracelets I really liked, but none fit my abnormally small wrists. So, I decided to make my own and purchased a few tools and some scrap leather to get started.

My early pieces were very basic cuffs and wristbands. Some turned out well. Others were an abomination. Undaunted, I grabbed the mallet, silenced my inner perfectionist, and kept on tooling. As I spent more time learning about and working with leather, I was intrigued with stamp designs more than the traditional styles of leather tooling and carving. I purchased a few stamps and started playing around with patterns. Turns out that pounding out a leather motif can also be a good stress reliever...and also really upset the neighbors if you live in an apartment! I was hooked and excited to make my mark with this centuries-old craft.

For a few years, leather working was just a hobby as I occasionally made items for myself and family. In 2014, I decided it was time to take my new-found passion to the next level, and Ninth House Collection was launched. The Collection combines my love of art, vintage materials, and jewelry into an eclectic selection of one-of-a-kind and limited edition designs inspired by my Texas roots, love of retro fashion, and boho chic style. A mixture of antique, vintage, and new hardware components are used in my leather goods, along with natural, earthy elements like stone and bone. My intent is to counteract mass-produced ephemeral fashion by creating distinctive, wearable art for people who value authentic accessories handmade to last a lifetime.

The Ninth House in astrology is the domain of mental exploration, spirituality, and travel. Through this artisanal
 voyage, I have discovered a path that allows me to connect creatively with the universe, nature, and people all over the world. I am thankful to have a passion I can share with others that keeps my mind and hands from being idle. I channel lots of positive energy, love, and time into each and every piece. When I send out my work, I'm sending a piece of myself along with it. It is so exciting and rewarding to have people make my creations a part of their personal style.

Be thankful for happy accidents, for you never know where they may lead!
Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Live Freely,